Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Freebies: Vocal warmups

I recently upgraded to the Royale membership for PicMonkey. I normally don't bother with upgrading on sites like that (I'm fairly adept with Photoshop in the first place) but the website is just too easy and the graphics are so cute and just my style. Plus, I can access it at school to make all kinds of graphics and backgrounds for my PPTs and such. The 30-day free trial didn't hurt either!

So I thought I'd pass along something that I made after playing around with this website. My kindergarteners love vocal rollercoasters. They love to play teacher by using my pointers and leading the class to follow wiggly lines on the board that move in high, medium and low curves and loops. It's great practice to get their voices moving. Since it's winter (well, the closest thing to winter we've got here in Texas), I came up with Frosty's Silly Snowballs. Here's some screenshots from the file:

(Speaking of Frosty, I am now using online books on this great website called We Give BooksFrosty the Snowman is available, as well as a cute story called Snowmen At Night. This one is particularly good for movement! I am trying to find the Twitter friend that posted this useful info so I can give her credit, but I can't find her name or the post I favorited at this moment. I'll update it if I can locate it!)

If you'd like some vocal rollercoasters that will work all year long, here's a bird flying in various paths to his tree:


I hope your students enjoy these as much as mine have! 

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