Sunday, November 15, 2015

A new chapter....

I don't want to get into the boring details of it all, but these last few weeks have been a journey for me. I have discovered a lot about myself that I didn't know was there. Translation? Lots of changes personally and professionally.

One of those changes is that I am pursuing a dream of mine to open an Etsy store in my spare time! I know this sounds like a blatant advertisement, but really, no pressure to visit. ;) I've been told I should put my stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers, but I have never minded sharing my digital stuff for free. If I'm making it for class, it's already there....why not share it? But on the other side of things, I also love to craft and make things for the classroom, which is what my Etsy store is all about. Most of the items are for teaching in the music room, but some could just be a gift for that special musician or music teacher in your life. Some might even be of interest to a general education teacher.

Anyway, I'm excited about it and about the future. In the meantime, I love that I can use this badge!

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