Monday, November 30, 2015

Rhythm Ice!

Has the cold weather hit your area yet? In true Texas style, the temperature dropped to the low 40's with cold, cold rain and I broke out the heavy coats (and went to the store for my son who grew out of last season's coat).....and then it warmed back up enough for a regular jacket. As for the next week and half, who knows? It'll probably snow! Typical Texas. :)

(Is everyone in the north laughing at me that I think the low 40's is super cold? What can I say, I was raised in tropical south Texas wearing shorts nearly year-round!)

Anyway, my son and I were shopping last night and his comment ("Maybe it'll ice over and school will be cancelled!") reminded me of a favorite rhythmic activity in my classroom. During most of the year, I call them Rhythm Gems or Marbles, but in winter (and especially after the movie Frozen came out), they are known as Rhythm Ice:

I have a ton of each type organized into their own boxes and can pull out the appropriate types according to the grade and lesson. I love these little stacking boxes that you can find at your local craft store! I made the labels on my Silhouette machine.

I always use them with some laminated beats in whatever meter needed for the lesson. In this previous post, my students had been practicing half note (and then the student had to trade with a friend and read someone else's composition) and I've also used them whole group. Here's another example that could be used with your younger groups who have learned quarter/eighth:

What's great about these is that the student clearly sees that one piece of rhythm "ice" belongs on one heartbeat when they are placing them. When you get to half note (as shown in the earlier post link), you simply show them how to put a blank rhythm ice piece as a placeholder.

If you're interested in purchasing some of these already made, visit my Etsy store! I have them for sale in groups by level and by individual rhythm as well. They are listed as Rhythm Gems in the store. (Laminated beats not included in purchase.)

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