Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'Tis the Season

Around this time of year, it's Nutcracker Season! Tchaikovsky's beloved music is studied and enjoyed year after year in music rooms all over the world. In my classes, it was always concentrated on first grade. However, I have used the music with other grade levels as review and I always included some cool performances of it in my annual singalongs in the past. These two are my recent favorites:

As for the first video, do I need to say much about Pentatonix? I love them and the kids go crazy over them. They are so amazingly talented! And for the second video, it is fascinating on a musical and a scientific level! The kids really enjoy this one as well.

As for other activities students could use when studying The Nutcracker, there are SO many great things out there already! Search on Pinterest and you'll find some wonderful units. While I have not usually have the class time in the past to go into major unit, I did think that a bingo game might be fun. It gives them something to listen for and gives some motivation to pay close attention to the details. There are five different pages you can print out. Feel free to make up your own rules as far as the "bingo" goes.

Just a screenshot....when you print, those annoying "you spelled these words from another language wrong" lines won't show up :)

By the way, if you haven't discovered Picmonkey yet, it's an easy-to-use web-based graphics site. I used it to make the candy cane frame and the Nutcracker clipart. (For this reason, this is another for personal use only.) I can't guarantee that some of those didn't come from my upgraded membership, but there are a lot of fun features on the free membership of the website. And did I mention it's easy to use?

Anyway, I made most of the answer squares educational references to the story, music and ballet but a couple are easy freebie "are you listening?" squares. :) Some of them require a couple written words and they may have to turn it over to the back for a bit more room.


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