Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can you keep a secret?

That's okay, neither can I right now!

I'm so excited about tomorrow! I'm going to be presenting during the Genius Hour portion of our professional development at our school. I'm so honored to be presenting to my peers and to ensure a good "review" of sorts, I'm totally bribing them with door prizes! Ha!!! :) Just kidding!! Well, not really....I do have door prizes and that's the secret!

My presentation is about BYOD classrooms, which I've never actually had myself. But I'm going to be attempting it this year. I say attempting because there will be some obstacles to navigate, but that's a whole different story. Either way, that doesn't mean the classroom teachers of my school can't learn about it! I'm using Nearpod to give my presentation (with a little bit of Lino thrown in too). If you've never tried Nearpod, check it out now. It's a really amazing program!! Anyway, since a major part of BYOD is teaching and modeling digital citizenship, I was inspired by a pin that I found on Pinterest and I made this:

I changed the word speak to comment mostly because I wanted it to apply to digital citizenship and in-person interactions. (I have also seen this sign with, "before you Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - etc.....") After all, a major part of music education is commenting on what we hear. Let's face it, kids don't always think before speaking their mind on someone else's performance. That is something we have to work on a lot throughout elementary school.

My little sign turned out so well that I decided to make two more (in slightly different colors) for each session that I'll have in the morning. I found an online name randomizer ready to choose my winner. 

(In case you're wondering how the sign was made, it's a canvas that I painted with black paint. The colored letters were cut out out of cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo and the white letters are made with adhesive vinyl, also cut with the Cameo. I mod-podged the cardstock letters onto the canvas.)

By the way, are you a BYOD music classroom? If so, leave me a comment! I will definitely be posting more on that later!

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