Wednesday, March 26, 2014


During the last #musedchat on Twitter, we were discussing the hardships of being able to provide instruments to students from low-income families. Another music teacher mentioned that they had an Orff ensemble but even struggled to provide enough instruments without having to take turns so sometimes she drew xylophone bars on a piece of paper for her kids to practice on. It reminded me of a visual I made several years ago! I shared it with her and I thought I'd try sharing it here too.

Xylophone Icon Folder

Hopefully that works! I'm still a bit new to sharing with Dropbox!

Personally, I have a printed set laminated and cut out with magnets on the back to put on my board for Orff lessons. It helps me demonstrate which bars might need to come off, or where to play. It's just a great visual for the entire class to see when my projector is showing something else. (I actually made these long before I even had a projector or Elmo!)

Xylophone set-up with B's and E's taken off
Speaking of #musedchat, if you're a music teacher on Twitter and you have a bit of time on Monday evenings, come by and chat! It's 8:00 EST and I've learned so much by chatting with the great educators there.


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