Thursday, March 6, 2014

Music in Our Schools Month

March is Music in Our Schools Month and I, for one, am very thankful to teach in a district with a strong elementary music program! I grew up in the opposite, so this is something that means a lot to me as an educator, as a musician and as a parent.

To recognize this event, I put together a huge display spanning across my cabinets in the back of my classroom. I used my craft machine to cut hundreds (and hundreds) of quarter notes for my students to sign....but it didn't stop there. I thought maybe the teachers should sign a note and of course, as the parents arrive to our Open House tonight, they should sign one too! :) As I told the kids, the success of our music program is not just because of their hard work and love of music, but also due to the support of our staff and parents. Each of us makes beautiful music, but together, we create a masterpiece. :)

I can't help but smile at this and the kids are crazy about it. It may just be a bunch of colorful paper notes with first names of each of my students, but to me, it represents so much more. :)

What are you doing for MIOSM?


  1. Love it! Did you use electrical tape for the staves? I may do something like this in the hall outside of my room next year :)

  2. You guessed it! Electrical tape was the easiest, most cost-efficient option even though it was a bit wide. (I'm a perfectionist crafter-type, but I had to compromise on this one.) I had to use a TON of it! I had no idea how huge it would turn out, but I guess it ended up being between 600 and 620 notes? Speaking of, I'm sad that it's time to remove them (I did leave them up until this week) but I think most of the staff will stay. I can laminate a bunch of notes or words and use it as a big practice or lesson display through the year.